Texas Rangers’ Dave Barnett to be examined after on-air mishap [Video]

Texas Rangers TV play-by-play announcer Dave Barnett will receive a medical evaluation after giving an incoherent on-air description of a play that included a reference to “fifth” base.

The team said in a statement Tuesday that Barnett will miss at least the rest of the Rangers’ series with the San Diego Padres as he undergoes an evaluation for the inadvertent verbal miscues.

According to the team, Barnett is attributing the incident Monday to a recurrence of migraine headaches.

During the eighth inning of the game in San Diego, Barnett started describing the on-field situation using his regular cadence. But it was his use of certain words -- “fifth” base, “robbery” and “henchman” -- in odd places that caused alarm.


“The go-ahead run is at fifth on what Adams is insisting on calling a botched robbery. What actually happened was his henchman ...” Barnett said before trailing off. The broadcast then went silent for several seconds, but Barnett went on to finish calling the game.

Barnett has served as a Rangers broadcaster since 2009 and worked as an ESPN analyst for 13 years prior to that. Radio announcer Steve Busby will take over TV play-by-play duties during Barnett’s absence, the team said.


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