Chris Lamontagne

C-Suite 2022
(Jesus Rodriguez Lluch)


Chris Lamontagne is the CEO of Spring, the world’s largest creator commerce platform, enabling creators to build businesses and create and sell products to their fans. Formerly known as Teespring, the company is a Y Combinator alumni, backed with over $73M funding from A16z and Khosla Ventures.

With over a $1bn in lifetime sales, the platform has over 1.5+ creators monetizing their fandoms by selling through social platforms (YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Linktree). Chris was announced as CEO ahead of leading the company’s dramatic (and well documented) turnaround, where he restructured and redefined the company’s operational and strategic approach - turning the business profitable in 2019. Since Chris became CEO, he has led the company to form innovative exclusive ‘social commerce’ partnerships with YouTube, Twitch, TikTok and Instagram, a first of it’s kind in the space. Despite COVID-19 causing industry wide disruption, the company has returned to hyper-growth achieving 7 straight quarters of double-digit growth. Chris holds a significant interest in turnaround situations and ‘distressed tech’, having built a thesis around the topic whilst at London-based Private Investment Fund, Hambro Perks. Chris has published several papers, is a seasoned public speaker on the subject of ‘rebuilding growth’ and a guest author for, This Is Money and Real Business. A proud Liverpudlian, Chris is possibly the only ‘Scouse’ CEO in Silicon Valley. He is a big advocate of increasing social mobility, and in 2019 launched Spark*, a scholarship for High School students to come and work in Silicon Valley. Despite no formal under-grad early education, Chris went back to study Disruptive Strategy, at Harvard Business School under Professor Clay Christensen in 2018.