Finalist: Bianca Medici

C-Suite 2022

CFO & Partner
Park Lane

Bianca Medici is a partner at Park Lane and serves as its CFO and Head of Human Resources. With over 20 years of experience in accounting and finance, she oversees the accounting and cash management activities of Park Lane and its portfolio companies.

As a partner at Park Lane, Bianca sets the bar very high on several fronts: 1) she is an exceptional team player and puts the people at Park Lane before herself; 2) when interfacing with clients, she is always focused on adding value, giving a personal touch, and being very professional; and 3) her work is exceptional and her judgment is so good, she is often pulled in to help find solutions to non-finance issues. Medici started at Park Lane as a bookkeeper and has worked hard/smart in such a way that she is now a partner, CFO, and head of HR.