Nominee: Deepak Shrivastava

C-Suite 2022

Chief Financial Officer
The Flex Company

Deepak Shrivastava is a seasoned operator with deep technology, early-stage growth and investment banking experience. As CFO at The Flex Company, he leads cross-functional teams with an acute focus on enhancing profitability, optimizing efficiency and raising growth capital. Flex is the top-selling, sustainable period care brand sold in 30,000 retailers across the U.S. In less than one year since joining the company, Shrivastava has shown exemplary leadership as a strategic thought partner to the founder and CEO.

Upon his hiring, the company ramped up additional growth capital, securing a $12-million financing package comprised of both equity and debt and negotiating an asset-based loan with premium terms, increasing the company’s liquidity by 60%. Shrivastava implemented a company-wide reorganization, streamlining redundant roles, reducing 30% of headcount, decreasing payroll expenses by 20% and unlocking more efficient revenue per FTE - without any negative impact on revenue or growth.