96-year old L.A. blogger pops onto Amazon’s bestseller list


Los Angeles blogger Barbara “Cutie” Cooper has seen a lot in her 96 years: the Prohibition era, World War II, children, grandchildren, a 73-year marriage, the death of her husband Harry in 2010 at age 98, 18 presidents, and countless technological innovations.

But this week she’s seeing something new: her book climbing the bestseller list.

“Fall in Love for Life: Inspiration from a 73-Year Marriage” was published quietly by Chronicle Books on Jan. 1. Co-written with her granddaughters Kim and Chinta Cooper, “Fall in Love for Life” combines long-view wisdom and surprisingly sassy sex advice.


“If you wish to stay connected and happy in your marriage, my advice to you is to never be too tired or too busy to feel love for your partner,” Cutie writes. “When your life is nearly over, you will regret it if you look back and recall too many nights when you made excuses instead of making love.”

When notes from “Fall in Love for Life” appeared in Redbook and ran online Tuesday on the Yahoo Shine website, people starting taking notice.

For the first time, “Fall in Love for Life” made Amazon’s Top 100 bestseller list. Wednesday morning it was at No. 89; by noon, it was No. 67. So far, it hasn’t cracked the coveted top 10.

Together, Cutie and Harry “PopPop” Cooper blogged as The OGs, sharing stories in text, photos and videos about Boyle Heights, their travel adventures abroad, and advice on staying together. When the Times’ Kate Linthicum visited with them in 2010, Cutie solicited advice questions saying, “Dear Abby has had her day, it’s my turn now. Any problems … contact me … please call, don’t write.”


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