David Mitchell to publish novella based on his Twitter story

David Mitchell
David Mitchell will publish a novella, “Slade House,” in October.
(Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times)

David Mitchell will publish “Slade House,” a novella based on his 2014 Twitter story, “The Right Sort.”

The novella will be published in October in the U.S. by Random House and in Britain by Scepter. In a statement, Scepter publishing director Carole Welch described “Slade House” as “enthralling and inventive." 

Mitchell, best known for the novel “Cloud Atlas,” published “The Bone Clocks” in 2014. As a lead-up to that novel, he penned the story “The Right Sort” for Twitter, a 2,000-word piece told in 140-character bursts; the story is the basis of “Slade House.”

“Scenes grew, bred and sprouted new scenes until ‘The Right Sort’ passed the 6,000 word mark and announced itself as part one of a five-part novel,” Mitchell said in a release.


Welch describes the novella as “a taut, spine-chilling, intricately woven, reality-warping tale that begins in 1979 and comes to its electrifying conclusion on Oct. 31, 2015" -- a short four days after its publication and, yes, Halloween.

“‘Slade House’ is the thrilling story of a haunted house and the five individuals who over the course of thirty-five years disappear inside,” Random House said in a release.

David Ebershoff, Random House vice president and executive editor, added, “readers of ‘The Bone Clocks’ might recognize one of the characters, and Mitchell’s longtime readers will have fun placing this book in his so-called multi-verse.”

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