Diesel Bookstore to close its Malibu location

Diesel Books is closing its Malibu store, citing poor sales and high rent.
(John Evans / Diesel Books)

Diesel Bookstore will close its Malibu location this fall because of poor business and high rent, according to media reports. “Bummer news for beachside bookworks,” the website Racked wrote.

Co-owners John Evans and Alison Reid started Diesel with a store in Oakland. Malibu came second, nine years ago; then the Brentwood Country Mart. In 2011, the Malibu location moved and found a new home in the Malibu Country Mart

The Times’ reported in December that Diesel’s Malibu location was for sale. Evans said then that the bookstore suffered from “poor foot traffic.” The problem remained unsolved.

“The store will close, and it won’t be open in the fall,” Evans told the Malibu Times. “Whether it’ll be closed three weeks, six weeks or nine weeks from now, we don’t know.”


Diesel’s Brentwood and Oakland locations will remain open.

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