Drew Barrymore will publish a memoir

Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore will publish a memoir with Dutton.
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Actress and filmmaker Drew Barrymore is working on a book about her life for Dutton, the publisher announced Thursday. Barrymore joins other high-profile women in entertainment -- Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Lena Dunham -- who have published successful memoirs.

“I love stories that are humorous, emotional and welcoming, and that is my goal in writing this book,” Barrymore said in a statement.

That’s a way of telegraphing that her book, although a memoir, will not be a tell-all. Born into an acting family that was considered “royalty” in early Hollywood, Barrymore has been in the public eye since she starred in “E.T.” at age 6. She has been married three times, divorced twice, and went to rehab for alcohol and drug use when she was still an adolescent.

Despite those travails, Barrymore has been an enduring star -- “Charlie’s Angels,” “Fever Pitch,” “Never Been Kissed” -- is an active producer and has directed one feature (“Whip It”). She’s now 40 and a mother of two.


The book, Dutton writes, “will include stories about living on her own at 14 (and how laundry may have saved her life), getting stuck in a gas station overhang on a cross country road trip, saying goodbye to her father in a way only he could have understood, and many more adventures and lessons that have led to the most important thing in her life, which is motherhood.”

Barrymore’s book is not yet titled. The release date has not been announced. 

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