Isabel Allende moves to Atria

Author Isabel Allende will bring her next book to publisher Atria.
(Jose Huesca / AFP)

Author Isabel Allende has taken her next book to Atria, Publishers Weekly reports. The publishing house will also pick up four books from Allende’s backlist, including her best-known novel, “The House of the Spirits.”

That book -- her first -- was a hit for the Chilean American author in the 1980s, propelling her onto bestseller lists worldwide. Her other books include “Of Love and Shadows,” “Portrait in Sepia,” “Daughter of Fortune” and “Zorro.”

In 2014 Allende was awarded the Medal of Freedom by President Obama.

Her most recent novel, “Ripper,” about a teen sleuth investigating a serial killer in San Francisco, was published by Harper.

Now Allende has moved to Atria for her next novel. “The Japanese Lover” is a love story set partly in the post-WWII period and partly in the present day, in San Francisco and Poland. It’s set to be published this fall.


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