‘Veronica Mars’ fans to get new books from creator Rob Thomas

"Veronica Mars" creator Rob Thomas with actress Kristen Bell in 2006.
“Veronica Mars” creator Rob Thomas with actress Kristen Bell in 2006.
(Lucas Jackson / Associated Press)

When there’s no new “Veronica Mars” left to watch, there will still be new Veronica Mars books to read.

Rob Thomas, who created the television show “Veronica Mars,” has signed on to co-write two Veronica Mars books. The first will be about an adult Mars and pick up where the movie leaves off.

The movie was fan-financed through Kickstarter earlier this year. The record-breaking campaign raised the hoped-for $2 million in less than 10 hours, in large part from fans who had been starved for more stories of the young female sleuth.

Vintage, the publisher which will be putting out the books, hopes that fans will be equally hungry for books about Veronica Mars. The television show, which starred Kristen Bell, ran from 2004-07 and was canceled despite pleas from avid fans.


What some might not know is that before she appeared on a television show, she was supposed to be a character in a young adult novel

“I started my career as a novelist. Veronica Mars was first imagined as a novel,” Rob Thomas said in a statement. “I’m thrilled that I’m going to get the opportunity to continue telling Veronica Mars stories in a form I’ve loved and missed.”

Thomas will co-write the books with another author, who has not yet been named. The first book is expected to reach shelves in 2013.


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