Writer vs. artist in ‘Words and Pictures’ [Video]

In the upcoming romantic comedy “Words and Pictures,” Clive Owen plays a writer-turned-teacher whose world changes when a beautiful artist (Juliette Binoche) shows up to teach at his school.

“Don’t trust the words. The words are lies,” Binoche tells her students.

Owen catches up with her later. “So, the words are lies?” he says. “And pictures are ... ?”


“Do I have to actually say it?” she asks.

There is the rub, the word guy and the visual gal, words versus pictures. Film, of course, is about how those two work together, and this romantic comedy seems destined to bring its leads together as well.

It’s the second recent role Owen has taken in which he plays a writer. In 2012 he portrayed Ernest Hemingway in “Hemingway and Gelhorne” on HBO.

“Words and Pictures” opens May 23.


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