Janet Fitch on her novel ‘The Revolution of Marina M’

Janet Fitch, author and teacher, sits to chat at the 2019 LA Times Festival of Books.

Janet Fitch, author and teacher of fiction writing, sat to chat at the Festival of Books about her novel “The Revolution of Marina M,” a story about a poet coming of age during the Russian Revolution. She also revealed a bit about her own coming of age as a young reader and scholar.

“When I was a child, in English class, they would give the boys ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,’ and they would give the girls books like ‘Cherry Ames, Student Nurse.’ I was a terrific reader, and that was not going to do.”

Writing a novel rooted in history also made Fitch more aware of our place in time.

“It becomes more pressing — what it is to live in history. And you’re always looking for clues as to how things will turn out,” she said.


“People who lived at those times didn’t know what was going to happen any more than we do.”

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