Celebrity admirers bid farewell to Harlan Ellison, a ‘great author and cautionary tale’

Writer Harlan Ellison, left, speaks with his fans at La Luz de Jesus Gallery during his book signing in Los Angeles in 2013. Ellison has died at age 84.
(Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times)

Fans are grieving the loss of decorated author Harlan Ellison, the sci-fi literary giant who died Wednesday night at age 84.

Ellison wrote more than 1,700 stories, earning multiple Hugo, Nebula and Edgar awards for his work in science fiction.

Beyond literature, Ellison ventured into screenwriting and teleplays, including penning the script for the “Star Trek” episode “The City on the Edge of Tomorrow.”


Though fiercely beloved by fans, Ellison was also a controversial figure in pop culture, known for his argumentative manner, litigious nature and unwillingness to mince words.

Here are just a few of the missives popping up on Twitter Thursday to memorialize Ellison.