Writing advice and F.L.O.W.: This week’s picks from the literary Web

LOS ANGELES, CALIF. - SEP. 21, 2014. The Feminist Library on Wheels is a project of Jenn Witte, lef
The Feminist Library on Wheels (F.L.O.W.) in 2014 with creators Jenn Witte, left, and Dawn Finley.
(Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times)

No-nonsense advice for writers. The 2nd Annual Indigenous Literature Conference in Los Angeles. And a chance to visit with one of L.A.’s most beloved roaming libraries. Here are a few literary links for staying at home and on-the-go.

Writing Advice Supercut

Backstage at the 2017 Bay Area Book Festival, Emily Temple of LitHub chatted with writers about the best piece of writing advice they’d ever received and captured it on video.

The advice that Dan Savage gave to Lindy West on writing a book is some of my favorite — “just dump words into the pit until they fill it up” — but there are gems from Jim Shepard, Katie Kitamura and Michael Chabon, too.

According to Paul Murrary, Richard Ford’s advice on writing was particularly simple: “Don’t.”

Indigenous Literature Conference

On Saturday and Sunday from 1 to 4 p.m., the L.A. Central Library hosts the 2nd Annual Indigenous Literature Conference in Los Angeles with Frente Indigena de Organizaciones Binacionales L.A (FIOB), Comunidades Indígenas en Liderazgo (CIELO) and the group CHEBAN. Saturday will be devoted to indigenous literature from Oaxaca, Mexico; Sunday expands in scope.

Expect panel discussions that “create a space for people of color to showcase and share their work with a wider public, a possibility that is often undermined by mainstream, normative assumptions of what gets to count as ‘literature.’” The conference also serves “to promote and revitalize Indigenous languages, due to the fact that many are in danger of being lost.”

There will be a special musical performance, and the library specifies that seniors, teens and Spanish speakers are welcome.


The Feminist Library on Wheels, “a multimedia collection of feminist texts, artifacts and ephemera” that tours the city by bicycle is having an open house at its main branch at the Women’s Center for Creative Work on Sunday at 2 p.m.

The invitation from F.L.O.W., as it’s known among friends: “drop in with your family, your Lyft driver, your neighbor, or your acupuncturist and browse the shelves, peruse our special collections and zines, sign up for your very own F.L.O.W. library card, return a book you checked out ages ago, or drop off a donation.” Extra points, of course, if you bike there.