‘Little Red Riding Hood’
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Artist Daniel Egnéus’ ‘Little Red Riding Hood’

In sync with the release of the film “Red Riding Hood,” opening Friday and starring Amanda Seyfried and Gary Oldman, Harper Design has published a reinterpretation of the Grimm Brothers’ fable, illustrated by Swedish artist Daniel Egnéus. (Daniel Egnéus, It Books 2011)
The 80-page hardcover is described as a gift edition but is more of an art book-graphic novel hybrid. Egnéus’ iteration stays true to the Brothers Grimm creepy telling, yet his drawings and paintings lend an ethereal, romantic touch. (Daniel Egnéus, It Books 2011)
The wolf remains frightening but also debonair. “The wolf has the clothing of Casanova,” said Egnéus, who clothed him in an elaborate floor-length cape and Cavalier hat with a plume. (Daniel Egnéus, courtesy It Books 2011)
The illustrations give the story a dreamy “Twilight"-like feel with an added Poe-esque danger element that may be intentional, as Catherine Hardwicke, who directed the first “Twilight” film, is also the director of “Red Riding Hood.” (Daniel Egnéus, It Books 2011)
Feathers and botanicals are prevalent throughout, as are familiar Venetian buildings and statues. (Daniel Egnéus, It Books 2011)
In Egnéus’ makeover, the characters are elegant and upper class. “Making them more pompous and living in enormous castles allowed me to have more fun. I purposely dressed them in extremely big clothing,” he said.

One image shows Red and her mother in a palatial mansion in Pre-Raphaelite style gowns 13 to 16 feet long. (Daniel Egnéus, It Books 2011)