Oh Yeah: Kool-Aid Man gets a modern makeover

Kool-Aid Man is getting an update.

When the Kool-Aid Man next hurtles through some unsuspecting homeowner’s wall, he’ll look snazzier, more up-to-date, more “lifelike,” according to parent company Kraft Foods Group Inc.

Which means that Kool-Aid Man -- a giant, anthropomorphic, red liquid-filled pitcher that’s been around since 1954 -- will be “technologically advanced [and] CGI-generated” instead of the costumed character he once was, according to Kraft.

The mascot for the drink mix brand is undergoing “a serious makeover with a brand-new modern look and distinctive voice” for an advertising campaign plugging the company’s liquid mix.

The product allows customers to add drops of sugar-free juice mix to water to create customized beverage blends.


Acting as a spokesman, digital or not, requires the Kool-Aid Man to say more than just his longtime “Oh Yeah!” tagline, which is usually expressed as he bursts through random walls on his way to mix a drink for fans.

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The updated character will have an expanded vocabulary and a developed personality, according to Kraft. His evolution is designed to make him more appealing to moms, the company said.

He’ll have his own Facebook page. Advertisements will feature him “trying to decide which of his 22 flavor ‘outfits’ to wear, working out at the gym, buying flowers and interacting with neighbors” and more.


Chances are that the Kool-Aid Man won’t be shown making awkward appearances a la “Family Guy,” the animated comedy show in which he’s often shown materializing at inopportune times.

Kool-Aid was launched in the 1920s and is owned by Kraft, which also parents the Oscar Mayer and Jell-O brands.


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