TSA responds to allegations by former screener

The TSA has replaced the full-body scanners that create what looks like a nude image of screened passengers.
(Bob Chamberlin / Los Angeles Times)

A former Transportation Security Administration screener who dished dirt about the agency in a recent story was lying or describing long-abandoned practices. That was the agency’s response to a story in Politico by former TSA agent Jason Edward Harrington.

In the piece, Harrington described TSA agents at Chicago O’Hare International Airport who struggled with low morale, targeted travelers from specific countries for pat-down searches and poked fun at images created by full-body scanners.

In a statement, TSA Assistant Administrator LuAnn Canipe said some of the procedures and policies described in Harrington’s piece were outdated or inaccurate. For example, the full-body scanners that create what look like nude images have been removed.

“TSA does not tolerate any form of unethical or unlawful behavior by its employees and takes swift disciplinary action if discovered,” she said.


TSA officials said they would not pursue the allegations of misconduct that Harrington raised.


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