Dirty rooms and unfriendly employees are the biggest turnoffs for hotel guests

A chamber maid working in hotel bedroom.
A chamber maid working in hotel bedroom.
(Alistair Berg / Getty Images)

An unreliable wireless Internet connection can be frustrating for hotel guests, but a filthy room is the biggest peeve among travelers.

Second only to dirty rooms among the most hated hotel experiences are unfriendly employees, according to a survey of more than 1,000 hotel guests by Qualtrics, a research company based in Provo, Utah.

When asked what is most likely to cause a negative experience for a hotel guests, 66% said dirty rooms, 57% said unfriendly employees and 56% said uncomfortable beds, according to Qualtrics.


Most hotel guests — 65% — say wireless Internet is crucial to having a positive experience, but even more important to 76% of hotel guests is a clean room, the survey found.

The survey’s findings seem to suggest that wireless Internet — once considered the most important amenity by hotel guests — has fallen in importance behind cleanliness.

Other survey findings about bad hotel stays include:

  • 9% of hotel guests said they have had a bad night because their room was haunted
  • 23% of smokers said they have smoked in a non-smoking room
  • 13% said they have had a hotel experience so bad it made them cry
  • 18% said they have had a hotel experience so bad it has ruined their vacation
  • 24% said a bad hotel experience led them to argue with their spouse or partner

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