New York taxis to have phone chargers, odor-resistant fabrics

The next generation of New York City taxis will sport the iconic yellow color, but much about them will be new.

The updated, boxy vehicles -- scheduled to start hitting the streets in October 2013 -- will be made by Nissan, which won a competition to produce the taxis, according to an Associated Press report.

On the outside, they’ll have sliding doors to lessen the chance of smashing into cars and bicycle messengers. Inside, the new cabs will have more leg room, skylights, floor lights to aid in searching for dropped items, overhead lights for reading and chargers for digital gadgets, including cellphones.

The floors will be flat, eliminating the traditional hump that got in the way of leg room, and the upholstery will be made of anti-microbial fabric to help eliminate that old-cab smell.

To reduce the chances that drivers will get lost, a GPS navigation system will be standard equipment.


The prototype will be officially unveiled Tuesday -- it might be the only chance to see one without a dent.


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