Daily Twitter usage among adults doubles in one year, survey finds


The number of adults using Twitter every day has doubled since 2011, according to a new survey.

Eight percent of adult Internet users said they log on to Twitter every day, up from the 4% who said the same last year, according to the Pew Research Center, which conducted the survey.

That number was even higher for young adults. One in five Internet users ages 18 to 24 are using the website each day, and nearly one-third of all users that age are on Twitter.


The reason for the increase in daily usage is likely because of the rise of smartphones, the survey suggests.

“Those ages 18-24 are not just the fastest growing group when it comes to Twitter adoption over the last year,” the survey reads. “They also experienced the largest increase in smartphone ownership of any demographic group over the same time period.”

The survey shows that 20% of smartphone users are also Twitters users while those who own basic phones are half as likely to use Twitter.

The bad news for Twitter, however, is its overall adult usage did not pick up by much. Last year, 13% of adults on the Internet were using Twitter. That number went up to only 15% in the latest results.

Another interesting fact from the survey is African Americans use Twitter twice as much as other ethnic groups. More than a quarter, 28%, of black Internet users are on Twitter as opposed to Hispanic, 12%, and white Internet users, 14%.

The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project Winter 2012 Tracking Survey got its information by speaking with more than 4,500 people between late January and early April.



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