Steve Jobs reportedly worked on the next two iPhones

Apple's Steve Jobs seems to have left a long road map for the company.
(Paul Sakuma / Associated Press)

Before his death in 2011, Apple’s Steve Jobs reportedly worked on the next two versions of the company’s iPhone that have not yet been released.

San Francisco Dist. Atty. George Gascon spoke with the San Francisco Examiner on the matter. He talked to the newspaper after meeting with Apple government liaison Michael Foulkes.

Gascon and Foulkes met to discuss the possibility of adding a feature to Apple’s mobile devices that could disable them remotely if they were stolen. According to the Examiner, stolen iPhones accounted for half of the city’s robberies last year.

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Last year, reports circulated that Jobs had led the development of the iPhone 5 -- which came out in September. But if Gascon’s claims turn out to be true, it makes you wonder just how long of a road plan Jobs had developed before dying.

Jobs was known for thinking ahead. Last year, pictures of an enormously thick iPad prototype from as early as 2002 hit the Web. That’s about eight years before consumers were able to start purchasing the Apple tablet.



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