LG smartphone event crowd uses BB guns to snare coupons; 20 hurt

Friday was a bad day for LG as 20 people were injured at an event the company held to promote its latest smartphone.

LG announced the new G2 earlier this month, and last week, it reportedly held an event at a public park in northern Seoul where it released balloons with coupons attached. According to the Korea Times, there were 100 coupons for free G2 smartphones.

The coupons attracted quite a motivated crowd, with some attendees showing up with BB guns to shoot the balloons down so they could get one of the coupons, according to the report.

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Somehow the mix of free G2 coupons, balloons and BB guns ended with 20 people being injured, and some had to go to the hospital, according to the BBC.

LG said it had trouble controlling the crowd and that it will compensate those who were injured, according to the Korea Times.

“We will provide them with proper medical treatment as we are responsible for the event,” the company told the Korea Times. 

The injuries have also prompted LG to cancel several other outdoor events planned to promote the G2 "due to safety concerns."


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