Staples to carry Apple products, employees’ tweets say

The next time an iPhone or iPad comes out, you might be able to pick it up at a Staples store.

The news was announced over Twitter by a couple of Staples employees, but they may have shared it prematurely. Neither Apple nor Staples have put out a press release, and two of the employees have now removed their tweets from public view.


“After Canada, #Apple products are coming to #Staples in US. Great news!” said Regis Mulot, Staples’ senior vice president of global human resources, in a tweet that now appears to have been deleted.

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Michael Goggin, a field services manager at Staples, according to LinkedIn, also tweeted the news.

“Staples just finalized a deal to begin selling Apple products #finally,” he said according to Goggin’s Twitter account is now private.

The only tweet still up is Erin LaFlamme’s, who is a strategic accounts coordinator for Staples, according to her LinkedIn account.

Thanks #Apple for letting #Staples sell you...oh, and for the delicious apple products to celebrate at… — Erin LaFlamme (@ErinLaFlamme) February 14, 2013

LaFlamme appeared to confirmed the news again in another tweet, saying "#truestory.”


We’ve reached out to Staples and Apple to get a more official confirmation but have not heard back.


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