Some iPhone 5s users seeing ‘blue screen of death’ common to Windows

There have already been numerous issues reported with Apple’s iOS 7, but a new error that’s starting to be reported is reminiscent of a common problem Windows users are all too familiar with: the blue screen of death.

Users are taking to Apple’s forums to report that when they use iWorks apps -- like Pages, Keynote and Numbers -- on the iPhone 5s, the device will sometimes crash and flash a blue screen before rebooting itself.

The error seems to occur when users are in one of those apps and then double tap their home button to switch directly to another app. The problem seems to be exclusive to iPhone 5s users.

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Apple has yet to address the problem, but it’s ironic iPhone 5s users are seeing one of the most common issues users experience while working with Windows. The blue screen of death is so prevalent it even has its own Wikipedia page.

Windows users get the blue screen of death whenever their machine crashes and has to be restarted.

For now, users are suggesting that iPhone 5s owners exit back to the home page before trying to switch directly into another app. Another solution seems to be disabling iCloud syncing for the Apple iWorks apps.


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