CES 2014: 5 of the most eye-catching gadgets so far

LAS VEGAS -- The 2014 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show kicked off Sunday night with Unveiled, the introductory event for the electronics convention.

Numerous companies showed off their latest gadgets and software. To help you sort through them, here are our top five most eye-catching devices from Unveiled.

1) There were gadgets of all sizes at Sunday night’s event. From Orbotix came Sphero 2B, a smartphone-controlled, two-wheeled toy said to travel 14 feet per second and leap three to four feet in the air.

2) DJI Innovation’s massive S1000 drone has eight rotors. It’s built to carry digital SLR cameras such as the Canon 5D -- equipment capable of filming Hollywood features or documentaries.


3) Clio, a so-called “invisible speaker,” is from Clear View Audio. The Clio uses a clear membrane that causes vibrations to create sound. It also has a small base that is available in a variety of colors. The small speaker is built for living rooms and bookshelves and retails for $349.

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4) Among the odder offerings is TREWGrip, an in-the-works keyboard that is held upright like a steering wheel.

The keyboard was designed specifically for small tablets such as the Nexus 7 and the iPad mini. Made by a small, private Cincinnati company, TREWGrip’s keys are on the back side of the device, where users’ fingers are positioned as they hold the keyboard upright.


Users place their tablet in a suction mount in the middle of the keyboard. Once the tablet and keyboard connect through Bluetooth, users can start typing. Moving the mouse is just as weird -- users rotate the TREWGrip around to navigate using the device’s accelerometer. Although the TREWGrip is unique and interesting, it’s hard to believe it will catch on.

5) Finally, the Waka Waka Power, smartphone solar charger, was another gadget that stood out. The Power uses solar cells to charge up over the course of eight hours. After that, it can recharge a smartphone, which takes two hours.

The $69 Waka Waka Power can also recharge using a USB cable. Besides charging smartphones, the device doubles as a lamp thanks to two small lights that are included. The Power seems ideal for camping.



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