CES 2014: Vizio announces 120-inch Ultra HD TV

LAS VEGAS -- Vizio on Monday may have announced the largest Ultra HD TV yet, and there’s a good chance it’s bigger than you.

The Irvine-based electronics company unveiled its 120-inch Reference Series Ultra HD LED Smart TV. The set is more than 6 feet high, is nearly 9 feet wide and weighs more than 100 pounds, although those may not be its final numbers when it is released to consumers later this year.

With the massive TV set, Vizio appears to edge out Samsung when it comes to screen size. Just before the end of 2013, Samsung announced a $152,000 110-inch Ultra HD TV.

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Vizio doesn’t want to claim the title of having the largest Ultra HD TV -- saying others could trump it over the course of the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show -- but when coaxed on the matter, company officials said they are not aware of any Ultra HD TV that is larger.

Ultra HD TVs have four times the resolution of standard HD TVs, making their technology ideal for TVs with screens larger than 60 inches.

Vizio said its new TV also comes with “high dynamic range” technology that improves the brightness and contrast of the picture, giving it better color accuracy than other Ultra HD TVs.

The enormous TV comes with its own base, which has a large sound bar built in.

Vizio hasn’t said when the TV will go on sale, but it likely will not be released until the latter half of 2014.


Live: Latest news on CES in Las Vegas

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