Watch video game propose marriage to creator’s gamer girlfriend

How does a game designer ask his gamer girlfriend to marry him? How about with a video game that ends with a wedding proposal?

Robert Fink, a video game artist, teamed up with a few of his friends to develop “Knight Man: A Quest For Love,” a video game that proposes to his girlfriend Angel White after she completes an obstacle course.

The game is online and available for all to play.

“The first thought in my head when I saw her was, ‘She’s beautiful...and she plays video games... I want to marry her,’” Fink wrote on the video game’s website, explaining why he proposed.


Besides building the game and making it available for others to play online, Fink also recorded White as she played the game, jumping from platform to platform collecting four golden pieces that created a ring. The video can be seen above.

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Fink wrote that it took him three to four months to develop the game in secret with two of his friends. Once he finished the game, he told White that his work, video game art studio SuperGenius, had created a retro video game and needed some testers.

White and Fink went into his office where she answered a questionnaire before playing “Knight Man.” As she scrolled from left to right and jumped over deadly spikes, White began to realize what was going on, Fink wrote.


“Then it was a blur, all of a sudden I was fumbling around for the ring, in this velcro bag making all sorts of noise, I get down on one knee.... she’s all teary eyed, I’m teary eyed, she gets to just before the end and I’m like...finish the game!” he said. “Haha she finishes and selects yes on the dialog prompt, then I ask her and she says ‘DUH’ and I am like what? oh yeah!”

That’s when Fink and White’s family appear. Fink had his office manager sneak them in secretly to surprise White after the proposal, but they also surprised him with champagne and cake.

“I couldn’t allow myself to just do a normal proposal, it had to be special. Something we would remember forever to remind us where we started,” he wrote. “Simple times playing games together growing up and learning that games can convey all sorts of emotion, I wanted her to see all the spikes I would jump over for her. :P”



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