Here’s how to track Santa Claus’ trip around the world


Christmas Eve is here, which means Santa Claus has begun delivering gifts around the globe. Technology enables the public to track his journey.

There are two ways to follow Old Saint Nick: Using the Google Santa Tracker or the North American Aerospace Defense Command, otherwise known as NORAD, Santa Tracker.

Both systems give users an idea of where Santa and his reindeer are currently flying in the world, but each is a bit different.


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The Google Santa Tracker lets users see a cartoon-style Santa make his way around the globe complete with interesting stats, such as how far Santa has traveled, how many presents he’s delivered and his current status. Last I checked, Santa was “Jingling all the way.”

This tracker by the Mountain View, Calif., tech company comes with mini games and short video clips that users can watch if they want to take a break from tracking Santa. The Google Santa Tracker is available online and as an app for Android smartphones.

Users hoping for a more detailed view at Santa’s trip can check out NORAD, where users can see a computer-generated visual of Santa and his reindeer. The NORAD tracker tells users how many gifts have been delivered, where Santa was last at and where he is headed next. Users can also click on pinpoints aong Santa’s route to learn more about varoius locations in the world.

NORAD also offers users a collection of mini games to play and movies to watch. The tracker can be viewed online or via apps for Apple iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.


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