3 arrested after restraining girl’s male visitor with rope, San Bruno police say

San Bruno site of arrest
(Los Angeles Times)

Three relatives of a teenage girl were arrested on numerous felony charges related to committing a hate crime, kidnapping and assaulting her male acquaintance.

On Thursday, a teenage boy told police in San Bruno, Calif., that he had been held against his will, assaulted and threatened by three of the girl’s family members while visiting her residence in the city just outside San Francisco.

According to the police, family members “became irate and started assaulting the male juvenile victim” when they arrived at the home and found him. The boy said the suspects restrained him with a rope, held him against his will and threatened to kill him.


“After a period of time, the suspects released the juvenile victim and he fled the scene,” Lt. Ryan Johansen said.

The victim is African American and the three suspects are Latino. The teenager told police the suspects used multiple racial slurs while attacking him. He believed their actions were motivated in part by his race.

In an interview with KGO-TV, the ABC7 affiliate in San Francisco, the teenage girl’s older sisters claimed that the victim attacked their parents after they found him hiding in the closet and said the accusations of racial slurs were not true.

“They were so scared because they found someone in the closet,” one sister said. “They jumped because everyone was sleeping and this guy started kicking my stepfather and trying to kill him.”

San Bruno police officials were not immediately available to comment on those allegations.

The three suspects — Wilfredo Amaya, 46, and Haydee Arguello, 46, both of San Bruno, and San Francisco resident Luisandor Suarez, 49 — were booked into San Mateo County Jail. They are being held without bail and are scheduled to appear in court Monday.