Newsletter: Dozens are feared dead after boat fire off the coast of Ventura County

Fire engulfs the 75-foot commercial dive boat Conception off Santa Cruz Island.
Fire on the 75-foot commercial dive boat Conception off Santa Cruz Island.
(Ventura County Fire Department)

Good morning, and welcome to the Essential California newsletter. It’s Tuesday, Sept. 3, and I’m writing from Los Angeles.

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A long weekend dive trip turned into a horrific maritime disaster in the hours before dawn on Monday, leaving more than 30 people feared dead.

Shirley Hansen and her husband, Bob, were fast asleep on their fishing boat in Platts Harbor, near Santa Cruz Island off the coast of Ventura, when they heard desperate thumping on the side of their vessel. Five distraught crew members were in a dinghy outside their boat, some injured and clad only in their underwear. The Conception, the 75-foot commercial dive boat those crew members had escaped from, was engulfed in flames.


Shirley Hansen told reporter Dakota Smith that she and her husband gave the crew members blankets and clothes. Some of the men were crying, and one told them that his girlfriend was still below deck on the Conception.

[Read the story: “Final hours on the Conception: Diving, birthday parties, then horrific fire” in the Los Angeles Times]

Much remains unknown about the fire, but the Coast Guard has said that the five crew members who survived were awake and above deck when the fire hit and therefore were able to escape. Most of the people aboard the boat are thought to have been sleeping below deck when flames engulfed the vessel. As of Monday night, at least 15 bodies had been found. Rescue divers were still searching for additional survivors in the sunken vessel near the shore of Santa Cruz Island, but Coast Guard Capt. Monica Rochester said, “I think we should all be prepared to move into the worst possible outcome.”

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And now, here’s what else is happening across California:


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AB 5, a bill giving workplace protection to a million Californians, moved one step closer to law on Friday, even as Uber, Lyft and other gig economy companies mounted a fierce lobbying campaign to sidestep its reach. Los Angeles Times

Republicans are rallying to save one of the party’s two remaining San Diego City Council seats. The Republican incumbent has termed out, and the party is throwing its support behind a longtime community leader and small-business owner. Three well-funded Democrats also are vying for the seat. The two candidates who get the most votes in the March 2020 primary, regardless of party, will advance to a November runoff. San Diego Union-Tribune

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Entry-level teachers in the Los Angeles-Orange counties area will spend 85% of pay to afford a median-priced apartment or home rental this school year, according to a new analysis. (That’s drastically higher than the 30% of earnings that economists say should be spent on rent, though the suggested percentage is sadly far from reality for many Californians.) Long Beach Press-Telegram

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The art of traditional bookmaking lives on at the Book Club of California, a quiet paradise for bibliophiles. Roadtrippers

Field of Light — a massive light art installation in Paso Robles — has sold nearly 40,000 tickets since it opened in May. San Luis Obispo Tribune


Los Angeles: sunny, 90. San Diego: sunny, 83. San Francisco: sunny, 72. San Jose: sunny, 83. Sacramento: sunny, 96. More weather is here.


Today’s California memory comes from Susan Ryan:

“When I was a child in the ‘50s, my family would travel between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles quite frequently, visiting my mother’s family. Either on the way there or the way back, we would often stop at the eucalyptus groves which lined the freeway around Camarillo. The purpose was to pick up fallen eucalyptus branches, which we then brought home to install under our beds. Apparently it was ‘common knowledge’ that the scent of eucalyptus would deter mosquitoes from entering our bedrooms. I think it worked! There are still a few eucalyptus trees surviving in the same location.”

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