Santa Clara advises seniors to avoid large gatherings as two new coronavirus cases confirmed

Santa Clara County has identified two new cases of coronavirus, raising its total to 11 — the most of any California county.
(Health Protection Agency )

Santa Clara County public health officials are advising seniors and those who are medically vulnerable to avoid large gatherings after two new cases of coronavirus were identified, raising its total to 11 — the most of any California county.

The source of infection for the latest two cases, reported Tuesday, is still under investigation. Of the other confirmed cases in the county, two were transmitted in the community, four were travel-related and three stemmed from close contact with known cases, officials said.

“It is important to remember that, for about 80% of the population, this disease will be mild. While many persons in our community may get sick, the vast majority will recover. The added measures are being used to protect those in our community who are likely at greatest risk for having severe disease,” said George Han, the county’s deputy health officer.

Santa Clara officials said the risk of severe illness starts to increase at age 50 and grows with age. The highest risk group comprises persons age 80 and older. Individuals with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer or chronic lung diseases such as COPD are also at a higher risk, officials said.


Public health officials advised those at higher risk to avoid large gatherings such as parades, sporting events and concerts. That does not include typical office environments, grocery stores or shopping centers. People should also be extra vigilant in cleaning surfaces such as counters, tabletops, doorknobs, phones and keyboards.