Cow chase leads to helicopter rescue in Solano County

A paramedic stands with two people injured while running from a cow in a Solano County park Sunday.
A paramedic stands with a couple who were hurt while running from a cow in a Solano County park Sunday.
(California Highway Patrol)
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A couple was injured and had to be airlifted out of a Solano County park over the weekend after they fell while trying to hoof it from an ornery cow, authorities said.

The confrontation took place Sunday morning when two people came across a cow and a calf in Lynch Canyon Open Space Park, according to the California Highway Patrol.

“They tried to go around the cow, but it charged them,” officials wrote on Facebook.

Emergency personnel responded to the scene after the two fell while being chased by the bad-tempered bovine.


After locating the unidentified couple on a trail, a CHP helicopter used its siren to shoo the cow away so a paramedic could approach.

The medic determined that the couple was injured and needed to be airlifted. The helicopter then hoisted and flew them individually to the trail head, where emergency crews were waiting.

The two were then taken to a local hospital for treatment, according to the CHP.

The extent of their injuries was unclear, but video of the rescue showed they were alert and moving as the cow bellowed at them from a few feet away.