‘Racism Lives Here’ signs are put in Coronado yards

A lawn sign reads: "Racism lives here. Make America great again!"
Some Trump supporters in Coronado woke up to find these signs on their lawn. The signs read, “Racism Lives Here Make America Great Again”
(Courtesy of the Coronado Police Department)

Some supporters of President Trump in Coronado woke up to find that someone had put signs on their lawns that read “Racism Lives Here / Make America Great Again.”

The Coronado Police Department received six phone calls from residents complaining about the unwanted signs, which mirror the colors, font and design of materials from the Trump 2020 campaign.

Two of the callers had Trump signs or flags decorating their homes, according to Coronado Police Department spokeswoman Lea Corbin.

Officers are collecting security camera footage from one of the homes. Additionally, Corbin said, officers will be patrolling those areas, though there is no evidence of a crime.

“Simply placing a sign in another’s yard may be unwanted but is not a crime,” she said.

City Manager Blair King said he expects tensions to calm down after the election.

“Neighbors in Coronado are respectful of each other and each other’s point of view,” he said. “After the election, I am sure that Coronado will work hard to unite as one community.”

A Coronado resident posted a picture of the signs on a private community Facebook group and called them “shameful, hateful and really pathetic.”


During the 2016 presidential election, Coronado voters chose Trump over Hillary Clinton by a narrow margin. Results show that Trump received 111 more votes than Clinton in the city.

Solis writes for the San Diego Union-Tribune.