Introducing the Latinx Files, a newsletter dedicated to the American Latinx experience

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You’ve probably seen the numbers: Nearly half of Los Angeles County, nearly 40% of California and nearly a fifth of the United States is Latino. Even if you aren’t up on the latest census data, a look around our city, state and country makes pretty clear the important role Latinos play in what the future will look and sound like.

With that in mind, the Los Angeles Times is introducing a free weekly newsletter, the Latinx Files, to highlight the issues affecting our community — from the pandemic and recession to immigration, from critiques of our exclusion from mainstream culture emerging from Hollywood (because we all know that will continue) to the latest Bad Bunny release, and everything in between. Sign up at or to get it in your inbox.

Every Thursday beginning Nov. 12, audience engagement editor Fidel Martinez will combine original reporting with the best of The Times’ coverage of the ideas, issues and culture that matter most to our communities. We’ll talk with newsmakers and go behind the scenes with the reporters telling their stories. We’ll dig into how and why COVID-19 is being felt more in our communities than others, while also going deeper into the latest Latinx star on social media.

While the Los Angeles Times hasn’t historically covered Latino communities well (when it has covered them at all), today there are close to 100 Latino journalists working at The Times to tell their stories, in English and in Spanish. We‘ll build on that coverage and deliver it every week to your inbox. There can be no L.A. Times if it doesn’t reflect our city, and the Latinx Files is just one part of our commitment finally to tell the stories that have gone underrepresented in our pages for too long.

Like many of us whose playlists contain Los Tigres del Norte alongside Metallica, who root for las Chivas on Saturday and the Raiders on Sunday or whose Thanksgiving plate is shared by turkey and tortillas, the Latinx Files will showcase all aspects of what it means to be a Latino living in the United States. And while the newsletter will definitely have a Los Angeles flavor to it, we’ll hit on the topics that matter to the wider Latino community.


The Latinx Files will be as much about its readers as it is about the journalism it showcases every week, and we want your input on how to make it better. Email us at If you see a local business thriving in your neighborhood, let us know. If a musician has caught your attention, reach out. If you have thoughts to share on what your own identity means to you, tell us. Our goal is to reflect these realities and think more deeply about the stories we tell, and your perspective will be vital.

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LA Times Today: Times launches LatinX Files newsletter

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