Echoes of the L.A. uprising


From an artist who made gravestone-type rubbings at the site of the riots, to an Asian American police officer’s personal account of the event, to a student who started a nonprofit organization to bring communities together, to an urban planner who is working to rebuild a safer Historic South-Central Los Angeles, the voices in this 360 video form a human library of sorts that encompasses not only the unrest, but also the lasting impact it had on the community.

About the Jovrnalism Reflections of the L.A. Uprising virtual reality project

Reporting: Grace Yuan Gao, Rachel Kisela, Jesse Mechanic, Myrah Sarwar, Vaishnavi Vasudevan, Halle Hazzard, Hannu Kivimaki, Lajja Mistry, Sam Schwartz, Randy Vazquez, Marta Hernani Fernandez, Charisma Madarang, Jacqueline Pinedo, Mallika Singh.

Additional thanks to Robert Hernandez, founder and professor of the USC Annenberg Jovrnalism course.