F-15 jet makes emergency landing in Fresno after unintentional fuel dump

A fighter jet above a runway
An F-15 jet had to make an emergency landing Thursday in Fresno after unintentional fuel dump. Above, an F-15E Strike Eagle fighter jet last year.
(Jon Hobley / MI News / NurPhoto via Getty Images)

The pilot of a National Guard F-15 jet based in Fresno had to make an emergency landing Thursday after an unintentional fuel dump, officials said.

The incident occurred during during a training flight Thursday morning.

The plane, assigned to the 144th Fighter Wing of the California Air National Guard, reportedly dumped an unknown amount of fuel during the flight, prompting the pilot to land the aircraft back at Fresno Yosemite International Airport, officials said.

The incident was partially caught on camera by KMPH-TV News in Fresno.


The footage shows the F-15 approaching the runway with a stream of fumes originating from its back.

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Nov. 10, 2022

The dump, known as a “fuel vent,” is a process in which the kerosene-based fuel is intentionally ejected from the plane during certain situations like landings.

The fuel vent that occurred Thursday was “not supposed to happen” and was not initiated by the pilot, said Master Sgt. Charles Vaughn with the 144th Fighter Wing.

The incident is under investigation but the Air National Guard said there was “no substantial hazard to the local populous.”

“Most of the fuel should have dissipated” before it reached the ground,” Vaughn said.

The Air National Guard will investigate how much if any, fuel made it to the ground.