Want to get involved? Here is how you can contribute to De Los

Animation of different De Los Logos
(Diana Ramirez Santacruz / De Los )

Are you a writer or artist interested in contributing to De Los? We need your help! We are accepting submissions and pitches for stories, comics and social content that answer the question, “What does this say about Latinidad?”

Some general submission guidelines:

  • Submissions and/or pitches should be emailed to
  • For pitches: Please include your pitch in the body of the email, as well as a potential title, photo/illustration ideas, a one- to two-line biography and links to any previously published work.
  • For submissions: All submissions must be exclusive to De Los. Please copy and paste your submission in the body of the email, and attach it as either a Word or Google doc. Please include a potential title, photo/illustration ideas and a one- to two-line biography.
  • For comics: Please include a short bio, a few sentences about your pitch and links to your previous work. De Los comics are 10-panels and a 1:1 ratio. Comics will be published on Instagram and our website.

Things to consider when submitting:

  • Why will De Los readers care?
  • How does this contribute to the conversation around Latinidad?
  • How will you present your story visually?
  • How many words will you need to tell your story?
  • What’s an ideal timeline for completing your story?

We do our best to carefully consider every submission we receive, but if you don’t hear from us within two weeks of sending your submission, please feel free to pitch your story elsewhere. Unfortunately, because of the amount of submissions we receive, we’re not able to respond to everyone individually or provide feedback.

More ways to get involved

Do you have a story idea or feedback, or want to tell us what we’re missing from the conversation? Did you read an impactful story and want to share your experience? Let us know.


We’re also making it a goal to connect with our readers in person at community events as well as panels and social gatherings. Stay tuned to learn more about future events.