Grab your botas! Carin León is on the Stagecoach lineup

Photo illustration of Carin León
Photo illustration of Carin León.
(Elana Marie / For De Los )
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With Sonoran tejano hat tilted to the side, Carin León and his botas will touch down on the Stagecoach stage for the first time next year.

León has posted the lineup for Coachella Valley’s country musical festival on Instagram with a message to his fans.

“I am really excited to share this news. We will be singing at the Stagecoach festival and everything that has been achieved is thanks to you,” León wrote in Spanish.

In a recent interview with De Los, the Hermosillo-born star shared that the Mexican regional genre, which he is best known for, extends beyond the borders of Mexico.


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Sept. 6, 2023

“Mexican music is no longer regional — it’s only become more global,” he said.

At the 20th Premios Juventud, León wore a “F— Regional” shirt, referring to the genre that he often gets categorized in, during his norteño-pop performance of “Ni Me Debes, Ni Te Debo” with Colombian singer-songwriter Camilo.

He clarified the statement the next day, asserting that Mexican music does not fit any labels.

The Red Pears hail from El Monte, where memories of backyard parties shaped their community and where music formed part of their identities.

Sept. 5, 2023

“I think that [Latinos] have a lot to offer to the global music scene,” León told De Los.

León has made no secret of his love of country music, singing “Tennessee Whiskey” by Chris Stapleton during his current tour. In 2021, he also recorded “Fancy Like,” with Walker Hayes.

“I love music that comes from the roots, that comes from the raw feeling of the people,” he told columnist Suzy Exposito. “And that’s what I love about country too. It feels very natural, very intuitive, and it always has something to teach me.”

The eclectic country music fest will also feature performances from Jelly Roll, Hardy, Nickelback, Post Malone and 90-year-old Willie Nelson.

Sept. 7, 2023

Stagecoach will feature Eric Church, Miranda Lambert, Morgan Wallen and many more country singers across three days at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, Calif.

While León is the only Spanish-singer in the lineup, he is not the only Latine artist. Oklahoma-raised Mexican American country singer Wyatt Flores is set to perform on Friday as well.