‘New Mutants’ trailer sees Maisie Williams in first post-'Game of Thrones’ role

Maisie Williams as Rahne Sinclair, a.k.a. Wolfsbane, in "The New Mutants."
(20th Century Fox / YouTube)

Goodbye, Arya Stark. Hello, Wolfsbane.

A new trailer for “The New Mutants” features “Game of Thrones” fan favorite Maisie Williams in her first role since the long-running fantasy epic concluded in May. The preview for the much-anticipated X-Men installment, released Monday, introduces Williams’ Rahne Sinclair, one of several mutant children admitted to a healing center, of sorts.

“I was 13,” Rahne, a.k.a. Wolfsbane, says, recalling the first time she discovered her powers. “I thought it was a dream. I lost control.”

With “New Mutants,” the “Game of Thrones” alum joins her small-screen sister, Sophie Turner, in the X-Men franchise. Turner, who reigned as Queen in the North Sansa Stark in the HBO series, recently reprised her own Marvel character as the heroine of 2019’s “Dark Phoenix.”


Also featured alongside Williams in the forthcoming comic adaptation are “Stranger Things” ensemble member Charlie Heaton as Cannonball, “Glass” actress Anya Taylor-Joy as Magik and relative newcomers Blu Hunt as Mirage and Henry Zaga as Sunspot, rounding out the film’s monstrous titular bunch.

Together, the group possesses a wide range of supernatural abilities, including sorcery (Magik), shapeshifting (Wolfsbane), flight (Cannonball), telepathy (Mirage), solar energy (Sunspot) and more.

The official trailer, which debuted more than two years after the first teaser for the movie came out in October 2017, sees the squad of anti-heroes team up to protect themselves from the real villains who feel threatened by their skills and want them destroyed.

“This isn’t a hospital,” Taylor-Joy’s Illyana Rasputin warns her new friends. “It’s a cage.”

20th Century Fox’s “The New Mutants,” directed by Josh Boone, hits theaters April 3.