How to still find movie tickets for Sundance 2021

Kentucker Audley appears in 'Strawberry Mansion' by Albert Birney and Audley.
Kentucker Audley appears in ‘Strawberry Mansion’ by Albert Birney and Audley.
(Tyler Davis / Sundance Institute)

The Sundance Film Festival is now underway. Being a mostly virtual affair this year means that people far and wide can participate and watch the movies as they premiere.

And yet despite the best efforts of the L.A. Times staff to keep readers posted on how to get tickets and even what are the best titles to watch, this information may have still all gotten by some folks. There’s a lot going on. We get it.

Never fear. While passes are sold out, it is still possible to buy single tickets for individual screenings. Some of the hottest titles have already sold out too, but even then there is still hope. Festival organizers will be releasing drops of tickets to sold out shows as/if they become available. While the festival will try to make announcements on social media, the tickets are expected to go fast, so your best bet is to vigilantly check back to the festival’s ticketing page to see if things have opened up. And, keep in mind, second screenings might be easier to secure access to than premiere screenings.

If you still can’t get into, say, “Passing” or “Judas and the Black Messiah” or “Strawberry Mansion,” maybe change course to something else. Much as at an in-person festival, the joy of discovery can often be walking into a movie more or less cold and walking out warmed by having seen something entirely unexpected.

Festival events and talks are all free, including a series of panels hosted by the L.A. Times. So don’t be discouraged by a sold-out sign. Keep searching. Surprise yourself.