Hugh Jackman is becoming Wolverine again. More than 8,000 calories a day should help

A man walks past a poster showing a scowling superhero with long metal claws
A man in Seoul walks past a poster of Hugh Jackman in 2013’s “The Wolverine.
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Hugh Jackman is bulking up to become Wolverine again.

The Golden Globe-winning actor shared a photo of a “day in the life” of becoming one of Marvel’s favorite X-Men. He has been gradually adding calories to his diet as he prepares to reprise the role he played over the course of nine films since 2000.

After wrapping “Logan” in 2017, the actor appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and indulged in pasta and wine fed to him by the host and chef Mario Batali. After 17 years of enduring the extreme on-again, off-again training required to play Wolverine, including brutal workouts, dieting and steamed chicken breasts that kept Jackman in superhero shape, “Logan” was supposed to be his final turn as Wolverine.

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s Marvel characters first shared the screen in 2009’s ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine.’

Sept. 27, 2022

Now the actor is back on a diet fit for a mutant and packing on the protein with daily meal prep consisting of black bass with veggie rice and herb sauce (2,000 calories), Patagonia salmon with potatoes and hot sauce (2,100 calories), two chicken burgers with sweet potatoes (1,000 calories each) and two grass-fed sirloins with noodles (1,100 calories each.)


“Bulking. A day in the life,” Jackman captioned a photo of the calorie-rich meals. “Thank you, Chef Mario, for helping me stay healthy and properly fed whilst… Becoming. Wolverine. Again.”

The daily intake of 8,300 calories is paired with a rigorous fitness regimen, which the actor is also sharing via social media. In one post, Jackman, 54, shared a shot of himself with bulging biceps as he curled a massive weight. “He’s only 46. I’m older. But it’s not a competition,” reads the caption, which pokes fun at Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds recently revealed that a ‘Deadpool’ Christmas movie was once in the works before Disney acquired Fox in 2019.

Nov. 20, 2022

Reynolds, who stars as Deadpool, had reportedly asked Jackman to reprise his role as Wolverine persistently over the last four years. They even had a fake feud about it. Jackman, who previously stated he had 100% hung up his claws, finally gave in.

Reynolds announced the pairing in a “Deadpool Update” video posted last September. In it, seated on a sofa, he talks about ideas for the upcoming movie, only to have Jackman walk by behind him, chomping on an apple. Reynolds asks, “Hey Hugh, wanna play Wolverine one more time?”

“Yeah, sure Ryan,” Jackman casually responds as he climbs a flight of stairs.

Reynolds is also busy bulking and recently shared a similar fitness shot on his own Instagram Story, captioning it, “I’m not training for Deadpool. I’m training to spend several months with Hugh Jackman — who’s not nearly as nice as everyone thinks.”