How many hidden messages did you catch in Taylor Swift’s ‘The Man’ video?


Did you spot all the “good ideas and power moves” in Taylor Swift’s new music video for “The Man”?

Released early Thursday morning, the accompanying video for the feminist anthem from “Lover” includes some major reveals — most notably Swift’s unrecognizable, prosthetic-heavy transformation into her starring male alter ego. But it also throws some subtle shade at the patriarchy in the form of strategically placed set pieces.

Here are some of the cleverest Easter eggs waiting to be found in “The Man,” including an overt dig at music mogul Scooter Braun and a celebratory nod to a landmark moment in women’s history.

No scooters allowed


Shrouded in her masculine disguise, Swift’s macho-me pauses to, um, relieve himself at “13th Street Station,” which fans swiftly identified as an allusion to the artist’s favorite number.

Several eagle-eyed Swifties also noticed, however, that the scene includes a reference to one of their queen’s least-favorite people: Braun, who infamously acquired the rights to Swift’s back catalog along with her former record label, Big Machine. Extending her months-long public feud with the talent manager, a giant no-scooters-allowed sign occupies a prominent spot on the station wall.

And, in case the “Red” hitmaker’s feelings toward Big Machine were unclear, the names of her earlier albums are written all over the wall, graffiti-style, along with a sign that says: “Missing: If found, return to Taylor Swift.” *Chef’s kiss*

‘Mr. Americana’

But wait, there’s more! A zoomed-out shot of that same wall also features a parody poster for Swift’s new Netflix documentary, “Miss Americana” — now retitled “Mr. Americana,” starring Tyler Swift.

And yes, that is a definite foreshadow to the big gender-swap reveal at the end. Alfred Hitchcock could never.


‘Just like Leo’

If the moment where Swift’s businessman takes a phone call on his yacht while wading through a sea of swimsuit models felt like something straight out of “The Wolf of Wall Street,” that was probably the intended effect.

“And they would toast to me, oh / Let the players play,” Swift sings over the extravagant scene. “I’d be just like Leo in Saint-Tropez.”

“Leo,” of course, refers to “The Wolf of Wall Street” star Leonardo DiCaprio, who has developed a reputation for taking a revolving door of 20-something models on fancy vacations. Here’s hoping “The Man” gets Swift nominated for lead actor alongside him at the Oscars next year.

19 hands

Despite its masculine title, “The Man” music video actually dropped on a very important day in women’s history: Feb. 27, a.k.a. the day the Supreme Court upheld the 19th Amendment 98 years ago, allowing women to vote.


At one point in the video, Swift’s “Man” runs down a hallway, high-fiving 19 multi-colored hands as he goes. Coincidence? We think not.

Dad, the Rock and TikTok!

The final scene takes place on a tennis court, where an incensed male Swift gets into a heated argument with the umpire.

As it turns out, the man seated in the umpire chair is none other than the singer-songwriter’s father, Scott Swift. And the voice of the male character arguing with him? The famously manly Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who briefly flexes his voice-acting skills just before the credits roll.

Also featured in the tennis sequence is TikTok star Loren Gray, who delivers a satisfying eye roll during one of Swift’s man-baby tantrums on the court.