Obsessed with Olivia Rodrigo’s new song? Good 4 u. She’s performing it on ‘SNL’

A black-and-white image of Olivia Rodrigo with her hand on her head
Singer and actress Olivia Rodrigo’s debut studio album, “Sour,” arrives May 21.
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To quote Olivia Rodrigo’s latest single, her career is really taking off.

Days after performing her viral hit “Drivers License” and meeting Taylor Swift at the Brit Awards, Rodrigo dropped an edgy music video for her new song, “Good 4 U,” on Friday — the same day the second season of her TV series premiered on Disney+.

This weekend, she’ll make her “Saturday Night Live” debut as the musical guest alongside host Keegan-Michael Key. And her highly anticipated debut studio album, “Sour,” comes out next week.

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The teen songwriting phenom is trending again, thanks to the buzzy release of “Good 4 U,” a pop-punk anthem that sees Rodrigo fly into a fiery rage against her ex. (You know the one.)


After idolizing her for years, ‘Drivers License’ hitmaker Olivia Rodrigo snapped a photo with her No. 1 inspiration, Taylor Swift, at the Brit Awards.

May 12, 2021

“Good for you, I guess you moved on really easily / You found a new girl, and it only took a couple weeks / Remember when you said that you wanted to give me the world?” Rodrigo begins on the angsty track

“Good for you, I guess that you’ve been working on yourself / I guess that therapist I found for you, she really helped / Now you can be a better man for your brand new girl.”

The emo-adjacent music video, which has already racked up more than 4.8 million views on YouTube, matches the tune’s vengeful tone and takes it to the next level. At one point, the 18-year-old singer goes shopping for a giant tank of gasoline in a cheerleading uniform and black latex gloves, on a heartbroken mission to burn it all down.

The video also contains a slew of visual homages to vindictive mean girls of cult classic teen movies past, such as “The Princess Diaries” and “Jennifer’s Body,” the 2009 horror film starring Megan Fox as a cannibalistic, demonic cheerleader who violently preys on her male classmates.

“Good for you, you look happy and healthy / Not me, if you ever cared to ask,” she sings in the chorus. “Good for you / You’re doing great out there without me, baby / God, I wish that I could do that

“I’ve lost my mind, I’ve spent the night / Crying on the floor of my bathroom / But you’re so unaffected, I really don’t get it / But I guess good for you.”


Olivia Rodrigo’s swooning power ballad ‘Drivers License’ is the latest in a rich tradition of teenage melodrama in pop music, from the Shangri-Las to Taylor Swift.

Feb. 24, 2021

“Good 4 U” marks Rodrigo’s third single, following the back-to-back successes of “Drivers License” and “Deja Vu” — all of which have followed a distinct theme that was not lost on the rising star’s growing fandom on social media.

“olivia rodrigo going from heartbroken to passive aggressive to absolutely bats— crazy is something i very much relate to,” one person tweeted, along with a still photo of Rodrigo grinning directly into the camera, backed by a wall of flames.

“[On my way] to go burn down my exes house cause olivia rodrigo did too <3,” another person captioned a meme of Rodrigo giving a thumb’s up in her latex gloves in front of a burning home.

‘Deja Vu,’ the new follow-up to Olivia Rodrigo’s hit song ‘Drivers License,’ deploys some familiar tricks that work for the 18-year-old Disney star.

April 1, 2021

On Saturday, Rodrigo is set to perform “Good 4 U” live for the first time on “SNL,” which previously aired a sketch dedicated to her record-shattering debut single, “Drivers License.”

In addition to topping the charts as a musician, Rodrigo also stars in Disney+’s “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” alongside Joshua Bassett — whom fans overwhelmingly believe to be the subject of Rodrigo’s new music.

Ironically, the sophomore season of the show sees their on-again-off-again characters back together after falling for each other behind the scenes of their school musical in Season 1.


The next episode of “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” is set to arrive the same day as Rodrigo’s album: May 21.