25 cars and a stalker named Satan: Billie Eilish goes dark in self-directed new video

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Engulfed in clouds of smoke as dozens of cars race past her, Billie Eilish puts a literal spin on life in the fast lane for her new “NDA” music video.

The song is the fifth single released ahead of the pop musician’s sophomore album, “Happier Than Ever,” coming July 30. Before the “NDA” video premiered Thursday night, Eilish posted to Instagram, “...i can’t wait for this one. one of my favorite videos i’ve directed.”

The moody, eerie video, which has already racked up nearly 4 million views on YouTube, features Eilish walking down a dark road, lamenting the challenges and perils of balancing privacy, stardom and an undercover lover.


Billie Eilish’s forthcoming album, the follow-up to her smash debut, “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?,” comes after her record of the year Grammy win in March.

April 27, 2021

Referencing a stalker who “says he’s Satan” in one line and then a secret house in another, she sings, “Had a pretty boy over, but he couldn’t stay / On his way out, made him sign an NDA.”

Unlike a deer in headlights, the 19-year-old artist is seemingly unfazed by more than 25 cars weaving around her at full speed. Filmed in one take, the video features no stunt doubles or visual effects.

While the pandemic has made 2021 mundane for many, Eilish has had a busy year of highs and lows. She won record of the year at the 2021 Grammy Awards, graced the cover of British Vogue with a new pinup look, appeared in a behind-the-scenes documentary and, more recently, apologized for anti-Asian slurs she used when she “was 13 or 14.”

‘I’m being labeled something that i am not,’ pop musician Billie Eilish wrote in her apology for lip syncing a racist slur when she was ’13 or 14.’

June 22, 2021