Drumming prodigy Nandi Bushell finally joins Foo Fighters onstage at the Forum

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Drummers Nandi Bushell, left, and Dave Grohl performed together at the Forum in Inglewood.
(John Bushell / YouTube, left; John Shearer / Invision/Associated Press)

It finally happened.

A year after 11-year-old Nandi Bushell challenged Dave Grohl to an epic drum battle that captured the ears and hearts of millions during the COVID-19 shutdown, the British music prodigy and the Foo Fighters frontman united onstage Thursday night at the Forum in Inglewood.

“We’ve had the honor to jam with some pretty amazing people over the years,” Grohl mused to a fully vaccinated and/or COVID-negative audience at this week’s Foo Fighters concert.

“Maybe some Beatles, maybe some Stones, maybe some Pink Floyds. But let me tell you something: [Nandi] takes the cake.”

Beaming before a sold-out crowd, which chanted her name as she took the stage, Bushell waited patiently behind her drum kit as Grohl showered her with praise.


Drumming sensation Nandi Bushell, 10, has already started prepping for the next round in her viral drum battle with Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters.

Oct. 12, 2020

Their live collaboration marks the highly anticipated culmination of a months-long virtual showdown that saw the two musicians trade wicked covers of various rock songs on social media.

Duly impressed by Bushell’s mad skills, Grohl invited her to join the Foo Fighters on tour as soon as live shows could safely resume amid the public health crisis. And this week, the former Nirvana drummer made good on his promise.

“How about we do this?” Grohl said upon meeting Bushell in person for the first time at the end of Thursday’s set. “We’ll celebrate this moment. ... Nandi, this is how we say goodbye.”

On cue, the band launched into a dynamic performance of “Everlong,” with Bushell on drums. Coincidentally — or not — “Everlong” is the first song the young percussionist from Ipswich, England, mastered for her internet face-off with Grohl.

After staging a viral drum battle on social media, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl finally met his 10-year-old opponent, Nandi Bushell, via video chat.

Nov. 10, 2020

After twirling her drumsticks and shredding the kit like a pro — as her fellow instrumentalists looked on in amazement — Bushell took a group bow with the band and waved a euphoric goodbye to her roaring fans.


“Wow!!! What an INCREDIBLE night!” the preteen virtuoso captioned some footage of the concert — filmed by her proud, screaming father — on Instagram.

“THANK YOU [Foo Fighters and Grohl]! Thank you [Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins], thank you everyone who made this possible ... MORE TO COME!!!”

As the rest of the performers retreated to the wings, Hawkins encouraged Bushell to toss her drumsticks to the crowd. After promptly chucking the first one over her head, Bushell started to throw the other — but she couldn’t let go.