Michelle Obama surpasses Angelina Jolie as most admired woman in the world


Step aside, Taylor Swift and Queen Elizabeth II. Michelle Obama is officially 2019’s most admired woman in the world.

According to a new poll by market research firm YouGov, the former first lady sits at the very top of the worldwide popularity charts, overtaking reigning champ Angelina Jolie — who now occupies third place. The firm surveyed more than 42,000 participants in 41 countries to compile the data, which ranks the top 20 most popular men and women both worldwide and in individual regions.

More women who scored spots in the global top 10 include Oprah Winfrey in second place, the Queen of England coming in at No. 4, “Harry Potter” alum Emma Watson at five, Hillary Clinton at eight and Swift rounding out the leaders in the 10th slot. Meanwhile in the men’s category, Bill Gates reigns at No. 1, with Barack Obama and Jackie Chan trailing at second and third, respectively.


Michelle Obama maintained her dominance in America, charting again in the top spot, with Barack Obama moving into the same slot for men. First Lady Melania Trump and President Donald Trump neared the bottom of the worldwide lists at 19 and 14, respectively. The American rankings, however, bumped them up to third and second, respectively.

More notable Hollywood names in the world’s top 20 women include Madonna in 11th place, actress Priyanka Chopra in 14th place and comedian Ellen DeGeneres in 15th place. The remainder of the charts include politicians, athletes, business people and activists, from Cristiano Ronaldo and Pope Francis to Malala Yousafzai and Theresa May.