‘Wynonna Earp’ Season 4 will be ‘all the Earp you can handle’

The “Wynonna Earp” team is really excited to get back to work.

“Suspense is our specialty,” joked showrunner Emily Andras at the L.A. Times video studio at San Diego Comic-Con, addressing this month’s announcement that “Wynonna Earp” Season 4 was finally headed to production a year after the show was officially renewed.

“The fandom really rallied to save the show, so to speak, and it really gave me a chance to realize what they love about the show … the characters and the relationships [and] these amazing cast people,” said Andras. “In a weird way it just has reinvigorated me about the show.”

Melanie Scrofano, who plays the titular heroine in the fan-favorite SyFy series, echoed the sentiment and is ready for Wynonna to face anything the writers throw at her in Season 4.

“Punch me more. Keep the punches coming,” Scrofano said. “If she has it easy, why’s the show called ‘Wynonna Earp’?”

Season 3, of course, ended in a cliffhanger with Waverly Earp getting pulled into the Garden of Eden (along with Doc Holliday). And though she remained mum about the implications of this development, Andras said she wouldn’t bet against the Earps.


“She’s so much the heart of the team,” Andras said of Waverly. “She’s the thing so many of these characters fight for when they’re trying to picture what it’s all worth. But she’s tough as hell too. She’s Wynonna’s sister and Wynonna’s certainly not going to leave her behind.”

As for Season 4, it will be “all the Earp you can handle and more,” said Andras. And it may include some swordplay, now that the Earp family’s magical gun has changed forms.

Watch Andras, Scrofano, Katherine Barrell, Chantel Riley and Greg Lawson discuss the handcuff episode, Nedley unleashed and more “Wynonna Earp” in the video above.