‘Wynonna Earp’ cast says things ‘get complicated and messy and dramatic’ in Season 3

“Wynonna Earp’s” Melanie Scrofano teases the shifting relationship dynamics of Season 3, plus showrunner Emily Andras shares her “secret plan” for the show. 

Syfy’s “Wynonna Earp” kicked off its third season last week with a fair share of surprise revelations. And vampires.

Cast members Melanie Scrofano, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Katherine Barrell, Shamier Anderson, Tim Rozon, Varun Saranga and showrunner Emily Andras teased what’s in store for our favorite residents of Purgatory when they stopped by the L.A. Times’ studio at Comic-Con last week.

According to the cast, fans can expect things to get a bit “complicated and messy and dramatic” in Season 3.

For Wynonna, the repercussion of her decision to let Alice go in Season 2 continues to play out.


“The motherhood theme continues I think, is a good way to look at it. We don’t just drop it,” said Scrofano. “Once you become a mother your relationships in your own life change. Perhaps with your own mother, and perhaps with your sister.

“Perhaps with your baby-daddy. And perhaps with another lover from another mother and father,” she continued, looking pointedly at Anderson.

Speaking of lovers, Wavery and Officer Haught will be in a more comfortable place after working through some ghosts from the past last season.

“I think we see these two women in a really lovely place in their relationship where they’re past the first relationship jitters,” said Barrell. “We really see them fall into their own. But now the stakes are so high, as everyone was saying, so there’s really the sense of, ‘Yes, we have this relationship and it’s amazing, but we gotta go! We have work to do. We have demons to fight.’”

For fans who might still be a bit wary of how things will play out for the couple as the season progresses, Provost-Chalkley had advice: “Just trust Emily.”

And while Andras doesn’t really think you should trust the writer, she did share her secret plan that might serve as extra reassurance for some viewers.

“I am very aware of the legacy of bury your gays and the responsibility of having a queer couple on our show,” said Andras. “I just want to put more queer people on our show so just the whole thing becomes completely queer. Then we can have, like, villains and heroes and everything.

“That’s my secret plan, but don’t tell anyone,” she said.

Watch the interview above.

The next new episode of “Wynonna Earp” airs Friday.

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