Gigi Hadid saves the day after French YouTube comedian crashes Chanel runway

Model Gigi Hadid confronted a Chanel runway crasher Tuesday.
Model Gigi Hadid confronted a Chanel runway crasher Tuesday.
(Andy Kropa / Invision / Associated Press)

What would Paris Fashion Week be without model Gigi Hadid saving the day?

The Victoria’s Secret model did just that Tuesday when she escorted French YouTube comedian Marie S’Infiltre off Chanel’s Spring-Summer 2020 show.

S’Infiltre, whose real name is Marie Benoliel, made an impromptu appearance on the runway after successfully dodging security guards in the Grand Palais. In a black-and-white, knee-length checkered blazer and pencil skirt, she scrambled onto the catwalk, propped an arm on her hip and turned her head to the audience while strutting her best walk.


Hadid, 24, then confronted the comedian, spewed some words at her and escorted her off the runway.

S’Infiltre’s motives for crashing the catwalk weren’t entirely clear, but she seemed to relish the international attention. She crowed on Instagram about the numerous outlets that covered her stunt.

Not everyone was so miffed by S’Infiltre’s antics, though.

New York Times fashion director Vanessa Friedman was at the show and saw the whole thing unfold. She posted a video on Twitter with the caption: “Best @chanel finale video ever.”

Elizabeth Paton, fashion reporter for the New York Times, was also in the audience and had herself a good laugh.

“There was a catwalk crasher during the finale @CHANEL and I couldn’t stop laughing because the hapless security guards couldn’t spot her in the line-up,” she tweeted.


S’Infiltre — whose channel claims “to better reveal the COMIC REALITY that is hidden in the news!” — boasts 227,000 subscribers on YouTube and 196,000 Instagram followers.

The comedian posted a screenshot of a news story on her Instagram following the charade with a French caption that reads: “The Etam runway was nothing in comparison.”

This wasn’t S’Infiltre’s first stunt. Last week, the 28-year-old crashed Etam’s runway show, a French lingerie brand, donning metallic underwear and a silver sleep mask on her head.