Elon Musk and Grimes are new parents, but good luck pronouncing the baby’s name

Elon Musk, Grimes
Elon Musk, left, and Grimes recently became parents to a baby boy.
(Evan Agostini / Invision / Associated Press)

Welcome to the world, X Æ A-12 Musk!

Elon Musk just revealed on Twitter the futuristic name and first photos of his new baby boy with Canadian musician Grimes. She gave birth on Monday, and the SpaceX chief executive said that “Mom & baby all good.”

In one tweet, Musk, who’s known for his prolific and sometimes inflammatory opinions on social media, presented a heavily edited image of the newborn, swaddled in cloth, fast asleep and covered in face tattoos. A snake illustration and the word “SAVAGE” were among X Æ A-12’s Instagram-filtered body art. (No, we don’t know how to pronounce the baby’s name either.)

“Never too young for some ink haha,” the Tesla mastermind joked in the replies.

A more traditional photo featured Musk, 48, in an “Occupy Mars” T-shirt cradling the tiny human in one arm while holding a medical mask in the opposite hand.


Earlier this year, Grimes, 32, casually announced on Instagram that she was seven months pregnant while unveiling her new digital avatar, WarNymph, and album “Miss Anthropocene.” Grimes later confirmed Musk was the father in a Rolling Stone profile.

The two have been romantically linked since they walked the “heavenly bodies”-themed carpet together at the 2018 Met Gala.

Grimes’ pregnancy news had spurred a flurry of speculation on social media as to what the experimental pop artist and her tech mogul boyfriend would name their child.

In a sprawling February cover interview with the Face magazine, Grimes admitted that some of the snarky suggestions — including obscure computer codes and “ERROR404” alerts — were “on point.”

Canadian singer Grimes has confirmed pregnancy rumors while debuting her new album and digital avatar. The father is rumored to be Elon Musk.

Feb. 21, 2020

At the time, the performer explained the decision to create a virtual stand-in for herself so that she could be in two places at once as a working, expectant mother.

“Having a digital body allows me to keep working throughout the later stages of my pregnancy, and after I have my baby, so I can spend more time with them,” Grimes said. “It’s hard for me to do photo shoots and fit into clothes at the moment, but WarNymph is here in your magazine promoting my album for me ... A lot of my friends aren’t having babies because they’re worried about their careers, and we wanted to find a way to overcome this issue.”